Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Update

T-minus a month or so. It's frantic. I am out buying mixed nuts; how many for nearly 400 guests? What about peanut allergies? Are we liable? Need batteries for the center pieces, 60 AA. Finalize the menu and re-work the cost issues. Champagne for the toast?

Tux in line, got a deal as Suzy Creamcheese forgot to charge me for the shoes, a cool $15 in the pocket. Several wedding showers down with a couple to go. Who will order the food for the wedding party, gawd we eat before the wedding. Taking pictures will create an appetite.

Wedding song for Father and Daughter still an issue. Daughter rejected first song, now I will give her five to pick from.

I have been told that I can't play golf all week before the wedding, I can't imagine why not I have nothing to do. I think we need medication.

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Anonymous said...

Since Maggie is also tied to UNMC, that makes three relatives in sort of the same company. Not a record, but maybe a family record. Can't count families who go into business and then hire a bunch of relatives or kids.