Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Game: What's your Favorite Chevy Chase B-Movie

I just now invented this game, and while I admit it doesn't compare with other Kevin/Joe invented games, such as racing insects on the basement floor at Cecil and Evelyn's house in Kearney, or the race to be the first car out of the parking lot having seen the last out or heard the last buzzer or final horn at major athletic events.
But it has its points. Now, you must decide what your favorite Chevy Chase B-movie is, and tell us why.
It is a bit like TEGWAR, the exciting game without any rules, in that you have to tell us both why it is your favorite, and why it is a B-movie.
While we will give no further guidelines, it seems to me that there are a couple classic Chevy Chase movies. You might very well choose to add your own, but to me, there is no doubt that the first National Lampoon's Vacation and Caddyshack are true classics. OK, not classy, but you know what I mean.
I am fond of Foul Play, but that might be because of my San Francisco residence in 1978, when it was released. And Fletch will always have a place in my humor pantheon.
But it seems to me that any sequel can be considered a B-movie, as well as any movie that stars Patti D'Arbanville.
Feel free to add your own list and definitions of both classic and of B-movies.
I'll wait a few days to make my decision. I'm leaning towards Memoirs of an Invisible Man, but refusing to consider Nothing But Trouble, one of the worst movies ever made. It wasn't released, it escaped.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't it be argued that all Chevy Chase movies are B-movies?
And, while Caddyshack might be considered a fun movie, isn't it more of a Bill Murray movie?
I've always rather enjoyed Funny Farm, myself.

kevinandjoe said...

I generally think his movies are good because he has such a good supporting cast or as in the case of Caddyshack he was the supporting cast.

I like both Caddyshack and NL Christmas, but also very much like the Three Amigos.

However I think my favorite is "Spies like us" a kind of Hope/Crosby road film, with a touch Dr Strangelove. Who wouldn't like a moive where at one point they believe that the world is about to end and they (boys and girls and boys and boys) pair up and have final sex.

I think everybody has that fantasy of what they might do or say if they felt they had just a few hours/minutes to live. It may not be sex, but I am sure it it would be honest.

By the way the bad guys hide out was a drive inn, which reminds me of Kearney and a high school friend of mine (classmate of N Sims) dated Chevy. She was a Stew for UAL or AA or one of those big airlines.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice picture. You guys clean up OK.
I always loved both of the Fletch movies and liked Three Amigos, although I think that is a Steve Martin movie.

Anonymous said...

Three Amigos had Chevy, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Anonymous said...

Memoirs of an Invisible Man,
It was right around the time when John Carpenter began to make B movies and who could ask for a better leading man than Chevy?