Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Musings

I had dental work today, three quadrants needed to be numbed in order to complete a few things that were topped off by a crown prep. Worse than the colonoscopy. If you have ever had a crown you will recognize the part where the dentist asks you to confirm that your bite is correct. My mouth was so numb I wasn't sure I had teeth.

When you go for an eye exam they ask you a similar question, "which is better"? Frankly I am surprised anyone gets fitted correctly. You never have these issues with a colonoscopy, no questions at all...just count backwards.

Jimmy Carl Black, the acerbic drummer of Frank Zappa’s mischievous and innovative rock band the Mothers of Invention, died recently and on Wednesday Mitch Mitchell, lone surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience died. Mitch was just in Omaha...I never go to the right concerts. Interesting that two rock drummers just died, isn't this done in threes?

However on a sadder note, Herb Score former member of the Cleveland Indians passed away. Score was the American League rookie of the year in 1955, when he had a 16-10 record, 2.85 earned run average and 245 strikeouts, tops in the major leagues and a record for a rookie that stood for 29 years. He went 20-9 in 1956 with a 2.53 E.R.A. and was again the strikeout leader with 263. I won't speak to his baseball tragedy, but I will always remember his brief, but promising career. He also played a key role on my dice baseball team.


Anonymous said...

Herb could throw but should have learned to catch

Anonymous said...

SI had an article this week about HS and his catching ability.