Saturday, December 20, 2008

Economy at Christmas

I, like many others in the world, have watched the economy sink slowly and marvel at the revelations that seem to come out each week. The specter of de-regualtion at its best as financial giants tumble into the abyss that is a government bailout. The market moves up and down like a hookers skirt and my retirement money along with it.

Doom and gloom is the order of the day and if that wasn't bad enough we have 1/2 inch of ice with 4 inches of snow and temps in the single digits. I think it easier to be depressed in warm weather.

Having said I heard someone, there so many people with advice these days, speak to spending and it made some sense. His point was that in spite of nearly 10% unemployment, there are a significant number of people who are no worse off (except for 401K's etc) now than they were last year. While managing your expenses is always important one the ways to move pass these economic hard time is to spend.

I am not suggesting that everyone run out and buy a 50 inch TV, but if we all quit spending at the same time the economy will never turn around. Frankly I need it to turn around soon as I can almost see my retirement. So, go ahead take a chance and spend a little at your local stores, try and do your part to get the economy moving again, don't just leave it to Washington or Wall Street.

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