Monday, February 16, 2009

Springtime for

Spring is almost here, pay no attention to the 8.5 inches of snow we just got. It was in the 60 several days earlier. Its been awhile and since it is baseball time again I thought I would kick off the year with a remembrance.

Bill Werber died this past year and before he died I couldn't have told you who he was. Bill was 100 and the last surviving major league player to play with and against Babe Ruth. In fact he was the last surviving ML to have played against Ruth while he was a Yankee.

He hit a respectable .271, 78 HR, 539 RBI's, 1,295 games and 215 SB's. He lead the majors in SB's three times.

So, hats off to Bill as I am sure that he is as happy as I am that spring training has begun and we can begin think about warmer days.

As a post script and in keeping with the theme of death, Dewey Martin passed away (a George Carlin remembrance) at age 68, former drummer of the ...well if you don't know you probably won't care. Cheers

"Most people my age are dead — you could look it up."


Anonymous said...

I know, Buffalo Springfield. The next quiz question is where did Buffalo Springfield comme up with its unusual name. A better parlor game is to name as many individuals and groups trace their lineage back to Buffalo Springfield, a group that only made three albums in its entire career.

Anonymous said...

That is easy and I have a picture of myself in Wyoming standing next to one in 1973. The next part, since I think BS was along the lines of the Byrds, Poco, etc would be CSN&Y as the easy part. The six degrees of Country Rock. Loggins and ... Next, The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, who has an LP or CD as the case maybe?