Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession News

We went out to dinner tonight. Not upscale, sort of between bar food and upscale. meaning a good glass of wine was $8. It is Wednesday and it is about 15 degrees outside with about a 10 mph wind and clear. Overnight falling to 5. Burrrr.

The restaurant was full! We spent over $60 for two, it was nice, but not flashy. 1.5 drinks, no appetizers. The place was packed. Recession, we got no stinking recession. Then I remember that 90% employment should account for something, and in the big O its nearly 95% if you believe the numbers. Did I mention the restaurant was full?

Markets up 3, whee, anything traveling north is good. I am sure that in some areas some folks are hunkering down and God love them. Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

We flew to NYC on Friday last, home on Sunday. Planes were full or nearly so all flights. We saw two concerts, one more than sold out, the other close. Hotel seemed full, although we got a great deal for NYC. The Big East tournament was in town, so the Irish pub we ate at 4:30 PM on Saturday had plenty of business. It's just across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.
Times Square was always full of people, just like always.
Maybe it is a recessiion, but it is not like others. This is not an equal opportunity recession, but then again, maybe none of them are.