Saturday, February 23, 2008

Smoking Ban

Nebraska is on the edge of establishing a statewide smoking ban. It is amazing to me that we have progressed this far in a state that frankly has so many rednecks that passing anything that suggests a restriction to their civil liberties seemed out of the question. We did pass a helmet bill for motorcycle guys, but this is historic.

Various cities in the state have passed local smoking bans, but generally that seemed to be too little. The only way to make it fair is to do it across the board, kind of like NY or CA or Ireland. The entire country of Ireland..makes you proud to be Irish.

I read in the paper this morning that many bar owners feel that there smokers will flee to Iowa to drink and smoke. The guy at Horseman's Park, large off track betting, actually indicated that his clients will run to Iowa. It seems that if they can't smoke they will all decided to go to Iowa and bet on the Dogs. Is he nuts?

If the playing field is level nobody's business will be crushed. Folks who like to bet the horses will not abandon the local OTB place, nor will patrons of bars move there drinking to Iowa. It is frankly, too far to drive and dogs over horse?

On another note is Astral Weeks really 46 places better than Moondance (Rolling Stones top 500 lps)or why is CSN's first album 111 places behind Deja Vu, a compilation lp? Things to think about.

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Anonymous said...

You are on the money. There are always all these gloom and doom scenarios offered by business owners, and over the first twelve months after institution of a smoking ban, revenue is up, proven by the tax receipts. One of Lincoln's biggest complainers over the local smoking ban has publicly admitted he was way wrong. Business is up, he says, and everybody smells better.