Friday, February 29, 2008

Another passing

Not steal the thunder from the previous blogger but Mike Smith died within the last 24 hours. I was a Dave Clark Five fan.

A note about the guest blogger. His comments and that of Joe make me feel a little bit like Shemp in this three stooges triad of bloggers. I really think we need to hear from a Gallagher who can write, where the hell is Tom?

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Anonymous said...

I was going to post this, but I was sure Kevin would, as he was the biggest DC5 fan I knew in the 60s. Smith had been paralyzed for several years and died of pneumonia. It might seem unusual that the lead singer wasn't Dave Clark, who was the drummer and acknowledged leader. Smith played keyboards ans sang lead on any number of songs we remember well.
Also, this week, Buddy Miles died, apparently of congestive heart failure.He was born in Omaha, on the six month anniversary of Joe's birth, and was famous for playing with Jimi Hendrix, and for being the voice of the California Raisins.