Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Uplifting news story

Exciting news here in Lincoln, as today's paper reports two quality instances of shoplifting. Abercrombie and Fitch noticed they were missing 180 t shirts, valued at $4410, prompting one wag to comment that works out to $24.50 per, and wonder who the actual thief was. Victoria's Secret reported 60 bras lifted, with a value of $2700.
There should be a joke, beyond uplifting in there, but I don't yet see it.
Another keen observer noted that even at 5 ounces per t shirt, the A & F theft would weigh 56 pounds, and not exactly be the kind of theft you slip in your pants' pocket, or under your coat.
We'll keep you informed of any breaking news.

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kevinandjoe said...

Apparently this is a shoplifting ring, as the next day two more stores reported significant thefts(76 dresses and forty-four pairs of bermuda shorts).
I know it is not politically correct to admire things that are clearly wrong, but I almost have to admire this group. Many of the items are supposed to have had anti-theft tags and the amount of stuff they got away with is amazing.