Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wedding Countdown

Okay, its 65 days until the wedding. It is time to begin to panic. I thought I would provide a little running blog on the days leading up to the wedding from the Dad's point of view.

Invitations need to get out, which means we have to have our lists done. Getting the list down to what we can invite was a task. We have both an A and B list and will get invites out the B list folks as declines arrive from the A list. This is a zoo.

The reception hall only holds 400, so simple math suggests that we should have no more than 400 attend. I think the initial list, our initial list had over two hundred! The grooms parent had 224 and the Bride and Groom had a 100. I can do the math.

Anyways lists notwithstanding the mailing continues, oops, the envelopes weigh too much so we remove the interior envelope to get down to weigh. Locating Tuxes is next.

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