Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wedding Stuff

We continue to receive the RSVP's and being eternally paranoid, a product of 1967 to 1971, I worry about space. I remind our Dilbert like workgroup that we may need to engage a Burger King near the reception to handle the overflow. No one seems amused and I am assured by the Bride that things will be okay. Why do I feel like the Captain of the Titanic being told by the boiler room that they are taking on a "little" water?

I think we finally broke the cycle of everything costing $800, veil and alterations were only $363...I feel so good.I know that cake bill is out there.

Groom is searching today, along with Bride (she is everywhere) for the best Tux deal; well the one that the Bride feels will work. I suspect a fitting soon.

I will soon be forced to select a song for the traditional father/daughter wedding dance. I pretty sure that nothing by the late Warren Zevon will make the cut. I had a list of songs several months ago, but I am unable to find it now. I am pretty sure that it was a great list, with some non traditional songs that would have been "wow".

Now I am back a square one and will probably land on a traditional (Beatles) song, although the singer may not be the original artist. How much of a rebel am I?

I think the problem is that there are a bunch of requirements for the song. First it almost always has to be slow and somewhat dance worthy. I am not sure why, I can't dance very well. It can't be vulgar, I guess. I am open to any suggestions.

I did listen to the cassette tape of our wedding and was wondering if the guy that sang at my wedding would be available? That would be another palce to set. He was all about the Beatle, Sir Douglas, I believe he is off following the Dead.

One piece of good news, the table center pieces have been agreed to!!!! Yippee!

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Anonymous said...

I love that memory. I started out as a Cleveland fan, for no apparent reason other than guys like the Bob’s, Feller and Lemon and later Rocky Colavito, a power hitter. My Dad on the other hand loved the Giants, be they NY or SF it was his team. He killed me in 54 as the Giants sweep the Indians in a series made memorable by the “catch”. I love the line about Willie Mays; his glove is where triples go to die.

I had dead period in my life that changed when I moved to SF and became a fan. I seem to have carried that back to Nebraska and passed it along to my Son. He now subscribes to the whole MLB internet season in order to watch. He is directing some Omaha Royal games and has a real love for the game. I think it may be genetic and if I pass nothing else along, I hope he retains that passion.

I feel the pain of what is a poor SF team now, but remember other poor Giant teams and will remain loyal, I can’t help it. I enjoy KC and hope they do well and will always have a fondness for Cleveland.

SF is in KC this summer, I think. A week before a wedding, timing be damned.