Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blue Cheer-Springsteen is near

It has been one long tedious winter. The temps since November have been generally below thirty and we have had snow on the ground since December. Not a lot of snow, just constantly there. In Feb the average high was 21 and change. Today it will be mid 30s about 14 degrees below normal. It has been brutal.

Spring is near, Springsteen is closer. Next Friday at the Qwest, Bruce and the E Street Band will appear. I have been tracking his set lists since he recently started the tour, March 3 I think.

He has only started with the same song twice, Night, and has ended each concert with American Land. Badlands, Born to Run and Reason to Believe make each list. His most recent shows are exhibiting some changes. He did Rosalita on the 6th and added Buffalo Gals(in Buffalo) and Devil with a Blue Dress last night. He only has one more show prior to Omaha so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues. About twenty three songs, except for one when he did twenty four.

We are seating just to the right of the stage and back about one section so we will be in pretty good position.

Omaha is becoming quite the concert town. Santana in April, The Police w/Elvis in May, Tom Petty w/Steve Winwood in June or July and now Dave Matthews in July. For those who are really into it I think that Richard Thompson will be here the night before Bruce.


kevinandjoe said...

I've seen Bruce four times with Kevin, including a 1978 show in San Francisco that is widely considered to be the best ever single Bruce concert, and therefore the greatest single concert ever. I am not making that up. The concert was broadcast on several West Coast radio stations and circulated, usually on cassettes, all over the world, adding to its cachet.
We had a great time. I'm pretty sure that was the night Kevin parked his car, and upon our getting out and heading down the street, a man saw us coming and cut across the street, so as to not meet us on the sidewalk. We thought it was pretty amazing someone would be afraid of us.
We have differing memories of the concert: the Stanford football players we followed in, and the deftness of the security lady who would reach inside the waistband of your jeans, apparently searching for small alcohol bottles.
But I won't be attending this concert, as I'll be flying Friday to New York to see Tom, Maureen, the Saw Doctors, and any number of new friends. I'm irritated at the conflict, but am less than excited for the new Bruce set-lists, even with the resurrection of Rosalita and the Detroit medley.
We'll be awaiting a report.

Anonymous said...

Kevin has a great item in today's Omaha World-Herald, remembering his first Bruce concert, from 1978:

• My favorite album has always been "Darkness on the Edge of Town," released in 1978 and a follow-up to the commercially successful "Born to Run." I saw Bruce and the E Street Band at Winterland in San Francisco on Dec. 15, 1978, in what is considered his finest concert. It was nearly three hours long and was all about drag racing and rock 'n' roll. He did nearly 30 songs, including eight of the songs off "Darkness." One reviewer said it was like Phil Spector meets Jack Kerouac, hooked up to about a dozen car batteries.

• Winterland's final concert was two weeks later with the Grateful Dead, but we all thought that the final concert was the night Bruce and the E Street Band played into history. It is ironic that I bought my tickets for this concert on Dec. 15, 2007, the 29th anniversary of the first of four times I have seen them.
- Kevin Gallagher, Omaha

This is on the first page, at the top, of the entertainment section. They had asked people to tell them their favorite Bruce albums, and will be running stories all week.
Way to go, Kevin!