Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Update

Just brief thoughts. Mom and daughter are in Kansas City getting the bride fitted for the wedding gown. I am at home waiting to go to 4 NCAA basketball games, I win.

Today we received the first of the RSV P's and no one is here to open them. I certainly have not been cleared to open anything so I am left to ponder: are these yes or no and can we move to a B list person? The anxiety is immense. I can hardly wait to see how many more come tomorrow.

Found out yesterday that the Sims brothers are flying in on May 9th to see their Mom. I asked her why and she said she thinks that it is an intervention. Not sure what they might be intervening about. By the way Molly's daughter is now in SF and will be living in Noe Valley.

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Anonymous said...

Random catching RSVP reply is in the mail, 2 in, 1 out. Like the photo, probably been there awhile, and I just didn't notice. This isn't your cup of tea, but I saw George Strait last month, very good and down home. Oh, btw Happy Easter. MJ