Sunday, March 16, 2008

Springsteen in Omaha

Just a few words about the concert on Friday. First, they were nearly over 1 and a quarter hour late in taking the stage. I suppose it is my age, but anything over 45 minutes is unacceptable to me. I have been to several concerts at the Qwest, Stones, Clapton, Paul, etc, no one was that late.

Once on stage they performed at the level you would expect and the quality and quantity of songs was as advertised for the tour. I think if you polled a hundred fans they would want 6 less songs from Magic and 6 more from the past, but hey that's why they tour, to support the CD.

About the only surprise was that they did both Jungleland and the Detroit Medley. The encore portion was very good,except that Conor Oberst needs to remember the lyrics to Thunder Road, I could have done as well, well maybe not. My son could have.

We were stage right and slightly behind the band. I had a really good view of Max and his work is amazing. He has great posture for a long show. Nils and Stevie both did a nice job and of course Bruce was, well Bruce. Sally and I agree that he is just like our old friend Jack Luther, but with talent. I am sure that Jack would agree.

The other problem for us was that being so close and behind the band the vocal were a little less distinct. Sally felt like she was listening in a fish bowl.It was okay on the well known songs for me and the other for the most part.

It wasn't Winterland, but then again neither am I.

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