Monday, March 17, 2008

Joe's biblical Saturday

I will no doubt write more about my weekend jaunt to New York, primarily to explain why I cannot make any comments about Bruce Springsteen's first appearance in Nebraska since 1984, but first I want to write a short bit about what I saw in the big city.
None of what follows did I know until last Saturday. We had a limited amount of tourist time, but we made two short but very productive stops. The first was the J. Pierpont Morgan Library and Museum; the second was the main New York Public library. Little did I know that these two places are the only places in New York where you can see original Gutenberg Bibles. Only 48 of these remain, and I saw two of them in about an hour and a half. Although not the first book printed on movable type as legend says, it was the first major work done with an invention that changed the world we live in.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that nothing fell on you during what I expect was a birthday trip to the big apple.

kevinandjoe said...

We were a long ways away from the crane collapse, which was big news on Saturday night when we got back to the hotel.
Yeah, the trip was my birthday trip, as well as a final test for the knees, which passed with flying colors.
However, it is interesting the extra scrutiny I get from airport security, something I guess I'll just have to deal with.