Monday, March 10, 2008

Kevin is published

Initially I posted this as a comment on the previous post, but decided it needed to be posted by itself.

Kevin has a great item in today's Omaha World-Herald, remembering his first Bruce concert, from 1978:

• My favorite album has always been "Darkness on the Edge of Town," released in 1978 and a follow-up to the commercially successful "Born to Run." I saw Bruce and the E Street Band at Winterland in San Francisco on Dec. 15, 1978, in what is considered his finest concert. It was nearly three hours long and was all about drag racing and rock 'n' roll. He did nearly 30 songs, including eight of the songs off "Darkness." One reviewer said it was like Phil Spector meets Jack Kerouac, hooked up to about a dozen car batteries.

• Winterland's final concert was two weeks later with the Grateful Dead, but we all thought that the final concert was the night Bruce and the E Street Band played into history. It is ironic that I bought my tickets for this concert on Dec. 15, 2007, the 29th anniversary of the first of four times I have seen them.
- Kevin Gallagher, Omaha

This is on the first page, at the top, of the entertainment section. They had asked people to tell them their favorite Bruce albums, and will be running stories all week.
Way to go, Kevin!

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Anonymous said...

I saw Kevin's comments in the Omaha paper and was impressed, not only by the fact that he was published, but by his Springsteen experiences. As a side note, I used to work for Kevin (he was a great boss and a great guy!) and I have seen him, through the years, at several concerts, starting with Jackson Browne.

This is a fun blog. You guys should write a book.