Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have no idea when or if the market and economy will start to rebound. I just wish that some groups, major credit-rating agencies, for example would just shut up. Today they decided to announce that they might do something and it more duck and cover.

In the meantime another biggest loser was eliminated. How is Misty May?

What happens when the Dow hits zero? Does that mean Armageddon?

I have been listening to J Mellencamps latest music. Love death,etc. I have never been a big fan, but its pretty good and fits the mood of most of us over 60 trying to figure out our 401K. I realize that if you have 1 million saved or if you have 300K a 20% drop is still a 20% drop, but it certainly seems more for the 300K guy.

Bring back define pensions. Who wanted to privatize Social Security and let everyone put there potential SS payment in the market. How many votes for that now?

Spent three days in Minneapolis, you would believe the anti Franken ads on TV.

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