Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presidential Timberrrrrr

You may not have liked Clinton, but he was clearly a better leader and speaker than Bush.

I'll bet that the heads of those companies on Wall Street are all Republican.

I think we are moving toward short term socialism, as long as it is the Republicans idea. How stupid are we? I wonder how much GB has in his 401K?

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Anonymous said...

I like Clinton. I was a supporter of Hillary and wish she were the ticket. But I have embraced Obama - contributions, sign in the yard etc. I only wish that we could have a campaign that was open, honest and spoke to the people of the country - the good, bad, and the problems we have to correct. They say they will bring change...why not start that change in the campaigns. Oh, guess I still have a streak of idealism!

The economy is a mess and if the nation thinks the act of Congress tossing billions out will cure it, think again. The greedy whores on Wall Street, the silver-tongued mortgage panderers and the scum-sucking energy bums have reek havoc for long enough. Maybe it is time for some socialism.