Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow up to Colonoscopy-Who cares?

Well its over and the results were good, in fact I now have a 5 year window, although I am told by my wife that three years will do. She is no frigging doc.

The prep as usual was a pain. I need to remember to tell the clinic that since I am short a foot of my large colon the full prep isn't necessary. I can't describe, well I could but kids may read this, how bad I felt at 3 a.m Monday morning.

The procedure was done at the Colo Rectal surgeons clinic, my first at a non hospital base facility. I was pleasantly surprise about how well it went, if you exclude the clear HIPAA violation when I arrived.

The nurse was pleasant and efficient and the CRNA was very good. In fact when he came in to introduce himself he displayed some shock as I apparently had a striking resemblance to his father in law. I was torn between suggesting he said that to all the male patients and asking if he like his father in law. I opted for the later...he said he did.

The young attractive blonde who was behind me as I raised my gown just prior to medication did give me pause for concern. In fact two of the three female nurses were attractive, although at that point who cared..stick it in, get it done. How old am I?

I was told that they were using a different drug now, I indicate I just wanted to be out. "Propofol" and boy was it good. Knocked me right out and when I came to, about one hour later I was ready to go home. Clear headed and felt great. This was unlike the past times when I had Versad which left me groggy. In hindsight there is some raging controversy about using this drug and cost... but I loved it.

All in all there is a great sense of relief after you are done, now all you have to do is reload on fiber and get things moving again.


kevinandjoe said...

Five years? I only get three. I did schedule mine (thanks for the reminder) for Christmas vacation.
I also just passed my yearly psa and cholesterol tests.
Damn, it sucks getting old and having so many parts that could cause you problems.
Too bad some of these other parts can't be replaced like knees, which, by the way, are working perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything worked out well, so to speak. After my last one, they told me 10, but I am figure 5 yrs to be safe. Maybe it is my California life style that keeps me clean!!