Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Presidential Race

Honestly, why would anyone vote Republican this year? The economy is in the tank...are we paying attention. We are in a war and the Republican VP is talking tough (when she is allowed to talk) about Russia. Who are we kidding? We can barely keep that little conflict in the Iraq going.

The whole thing is just amazing.


Anonymous said...

Amazing... And if one were to put stock in the polls (since stock isn't doing well on Wall Street) it seems to be a dead heat between the two candidates. I don't think half of the nation is paying attention.

Anonymous said...

McCain has decided that he cannot do more than one thing at a time. He has suspended his campaign to work on the economy. It's about time. Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

I made it through Nixon, but you go tto wonder what was the nation thinking when the elected Bush. Its all about Republican or lack there of, leadership. If you vote republican again it will be soup lines.