Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Presidential Issues

It's only Tuesday and I have learned so much and I am just excited to share. First let me tell you that I have a lot of friends/relatives that are Republican/conservatives or conservative republicans. When you live in Nebraska it's hard not to have friends that are Republicans because generally that is all there is in Nebraska. Democrats have to meet in the catacombs to discuss politics.

(In Nebraska we have senators who wear the democrat label, but they are really republicans.) Anyway on to my new info.

I learned that in 2006 gas was at $2.19, unemployment was at 4.5% and consumer confidence was at a 2 1/2 high, the good old days. Unfortunately a democratic congress was voted in and whoops there we go down the path to ruin. Gas is now at $3.79 and unemployment is 5%, confidence has plummeted. There are a couple of other things about 1% foreclosures and home equity dropping by 1.2 trillion; that's a lot. Anyhow you voted for the this change and congress makes the law and apparently the President has no real input other dealing with what is given to him. Positions sound pretty ceremonial to me.

Next I learn that the cost of the war is really smoke and mirrors and is really a problem. Did you know that if you add up all of the money that we spend on those sneaky illegal aliens its about $338.3 billion annually. I think the was is over $500billion now, so if we get out of the war and get rid of the aliens we will be nearly a trillion to the good.

Lastly, and I will only share one of these examples, if you were married (same sex or otherwise) taxes under Clinton at 75K were 21K and a mere 18.75K under Bush. Do the math.

God I love my friends. I wouldn't get this great info with out there desire to keep me informed so that I can make a good decision when I vote in 49 days, however as I mentioned this might just be a ceremonial position so who cares?

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