Sunday, January 11, 2009

Much has happened

We moved. Twice. The same week.
Nearly 90 % of what we own is in the new house in Prairie Village, Kansas. The two of us, most of our clothes, and the cat (as well as a new relatively small modern television that we gave in and bought today) are in a furnished, one room apartment a bit more than a mile north of our former house, whose sale closed Friday last. I would like to complain about not getting out of the house what we hoped for, but frankly, I keep seeing it pretty positively. We sold the house. The amount we had to cut our price is a much smaller percentage than our stock market investments have lost in the last year or so. We also got a great deal on the new house, for many of the same reasons. If real estate markets even recover modestly, our new house, because of its great address/neighborhood, it will appreciate more than satisfactorily.
Perhaps an even bigger trauma is the apparent death of my four and a half year old Emac, a computer so rare and unusual most of you have never even seen one, It survived a full month after crashing to the floor as we took its desk apart for the move. Losing all that's on your computer is traumatic at best, and a fair portion of the nearly 8000 songs I had on it will be difficult if not impossible to replace.
I am figuring my resume doesn't hold the importance it once did, and frankly, I have no idea what all was on there except for my music and a large number of photos, so I will probably get by just fine. A repairman has just told me the hard drive is probably fine and can be rescued.
We did live for a weekend with no cable tv, land line phone or internet at home. Actually it took over a week for phone and internet to get up. It is hard to believe any business entity could be worse than Time Warner Cable, but Windstream, our phone company did much worse than Time Warner.
More reports will follow. It will be interesting to see how we co-exist in a space less than a quarter the size of the last two houses. And how we approach the last days of full-time dedicated educational careers. Maybe that's an overstatement in that we have nearly five months left.
Stay posted.

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Great post...good luck.

29 days 14 hours 40 minutes till pitchers and catchers report.