Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miscellanous items...

Steroids and the major league hearings are way down my list of things to worry about. I also find the current Presidential race boring in light of things that I believe are really important.

We are spending over $487 billion dollars to fund the war in Iraq and $3.5 billion for Nebraska alone. Over 4,000 (US troops) killed and 60,000 wounded. We really didn't learn much from the small ground war in the 60's.

The economy is on pace to flow quickly into a recession and the market has dropped like grandma's socks. All of a sudden the Commander in Chief is concerned and now wants to produce a stimulus package...when will we get our $1600?

I see that Nebraska is concerned about the penalties in place for pot. Seems they lightened them up in 1978, 9 years to late if you ask me. Now they want to stiffen them up in order to stem the tide of young users and even them out with alcohol.

Comanche Moon and the prior blog about the Keystone had me searching the Internet for Stu Grant. I think I found his picture, some of us age better than others. I ate venison at Stu's place in McCook on one warm summer night in 67 or was it 68? He had brought it down with a bow and arrow, a real Indian. Legend has it he once kicked a 60 yd field goal.

I don't want to go back, but it was fun.

Concerts with Bruce and then Santana on the horizon. John Stewart died today, what will become of the Kingston trio reunions? Sneaky Pete died last year.


Anonymous said...

I guess not much 'conversation' takes place here.

I have Stu's phone number, but he doesn't answer it much and I don't feel like leaving a message. After 30 years. Maybe he has caller ID?

You probably know about his cousin Kirby recently leaving this life after a horrible illness.

Grandfatherhood continues to astonish me. Ryan Alan Young (#6) was born last week in Kearney.

I'll try and drop in to this little 'blog cabin' once in a while. Y'all take care now.

- garyh @foolonthehillfarm

Anonymous said...

I had a really great response, but technology shut me down and I lost it.

Stu is probably a better memory than an actual contact. It seems that I have recently come in contact with more folks from the past. Not sure why, it just is happening.

Why are you up at 5:52 a.m.?

Anonymous said...

Better memory than actual contact? Aren't we all!

Why the early birdie you ask? Must have been the day I had just returned from one of my new little 'make-busy' jobs I have.

Working for an outfit from Canada to whom the railroads have outsourced most of their 'crew hauling' activities. I drove a McCook train crew to Minden where they messed around in the yard a couple hours, and then drove them to Lincoln. One of the guys was Terry Sitzman's son, if you remember him. Got back at 4am.

I'm not sure 12 hours on the road at that time of night,in that kind of weather, at this time of my life - is very good for what ails me.

Missed a computer job with UPS "by that much." I'm still trying to find a (soft) employment place to land - besides full time at the foolonthehill farm. My dear spouse finds my constant presence difficult to tolerate.

I, on the other hand, seem to tolerate more and more each day. Except for Republicans, fundamentalist Christians, and Democrats - in that order.