Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Movies

I received a note from a relative about this blog site and his thought that the site needed to
" add an explosion or gratuitous boob shot, you know to man it up". I sent him note with the picture of our current Miss America candidate (apparently a third cousin on my moms side), but he continues to believe the blogs to be too girlie. He just reached a milestone birthday and appears to be a bit grumpy.

However, I have seen several movies that would fit part of his request. If you are into action I think the recent "Live Free and Dies Hard" might trips your trigger. The action is non-stop and as a sequel is done pretty well. I would recommend big screen, surround sound if possible.

As for blood I saw "Sweeney Todd". I realize it is a musical, but the blood is quite graphic and the images dark. I enjoyed the cast and since I had not seen the actual stage play it was entertaining in a dark way.

Last night was "No Country for Old Men". I think you need to enjoy the Coen brothers and the type of movie (see Fargo)they create. This is not for the faint of heart. The acting and film production was excellent. The story is pretty basic, drug exchange goes bad, lots of dead Mexicans, lone stranger finds money, more death and pain, semi-hero is chased by pretty sadistic folks until it reaches its natural conclusion., with some twists.

As always there are hints of humor. As the Sheriff and his deputy survey the carnage at the initial shoot out they realize that two of the body's are fresher than the majority of the rotting bodies. The two bodies are dressed in suits, as opposed to the other deceased. The deputy quickly sees that and refers to them as "looks like we have some middle management".

Again it is a thriller based on fate and chance and the really bad guy, its really spooky bad.

I also saw Charlie Wilson's War which is easy to watch and has some humor. It is probably a good rental. It is hard to go wrong with Tom Hanks and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is great.


Anonymous said...

On our festival we also Charlie Wilson's War, agreeing it was time well spent. We also saw Live Free Or Die Hard, we just weren't willing to admit it. Same with whatever the name of the Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer movie. You all have to believe me when I say the first few issues of Silver Surfer as a Marvel comic book were truly wonderful. Wish I still owned them. I'm not even sure who to blame for its loss, but no doubt, it is me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite viewing lately is a tv doc titled "Accordian Tribe." I thought, yah ok, this oughta be good! As will happen when I embark on something with this sort of attitude... I really enjoyed it.

Great music from 5? world class accordian virtuosos who assemble for a one-time tour. A german/austrian jazz player was amazing! And I didn't know I liked accordian music.

Hi Joe and Kevin. The only way we are 'related' is by juvenile crime I guess. By that measure I guess you two are related to half of Kearney, McCook and Hastings.

Peace on you