Friday, January 11, 2008

Part Two

Better get this done before I forget it. The other movie we loved over vacay was Once, a dvd rental from last year of an independent Irish movie. The movie is low-budget, featuring musicians instead of actors. Better explain that. The two main characters are a busker, or street musician, and a young Czech immigrant to Dublin, surviving by cleaning houses and selling flowers on Grafton Street. She plays piano, sings and writes songs.
The two are played by an unknown Czech musician, and a fairly well-known Irish singer. Those with great memory might remember him from a fairly small role he played in The Commitments. His day job is lead singer of The Frames, a fairly well-known Irish band.
The director is John Carney, who was, many years ago, the bass player for The Frames.
The movie only lasts 85 minutes, is full of music, and has a wonderful conclusion.

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