Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sixty Annuals

2007 provided me several memorable, measurable, moments.

First, I spent my first full year in a new, yet familiar job. After 34 years in the insurance industry I was put on waivers in early 2006 and didn't catch on with another club until late that year. So, 2007 was the first full year working on the physician side, managing a customer service and collections area. The irony is that the organization I work for moved into their new location some six months after I started. In itself not particularly noteworthy, except the new location was my old location!

I am enjoying this new opportunity and I think that it is allowing me to start my preparations for my retirement. Retirement being defined as doing less, specifically fewer hours, but still engaged in something.

Next I traveled to Ireland, my first venture outside of North America. It was grand! The country, the color and the people were as advertised. We enjoyed a seven day swing from west to east and then back around the south to the western side again. We should have stayed longer, but the exchange rate is brutal. No wonder the Irish smile so much.

Finally, I reached that 60 number that brings with it all of the anxiety and concern about your life. Have you done enough, could you have done more, is there still time? Who knows?

Well, 2008 is here and I will experience another first the year, the marriage of a daughter. The planning is in full swing and time is growing short. I am sure that the upcoming months will be crowded with activity which I will probably mention from time to time on this blog.

By the way, I checked several sites for top albums in 2007 and find that I have no clue about music today. Who is Feist or M.I.A? I thought Amy Winehouse was merely a skinny Brittney. The National or Arcade Fire? I know Bruce and really like the John Fogerty new album, but frankly I struggle to keep up. I did see Dylan, Elvis, Judy Collins and Bob Seger this year and have tickets for Bruce in March. Life continues.


kevinandjoe said...

I'm hoping that was Elvis Costello, not Elvis Presley you saw. Otherwise we should have heard about this much sooner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, were you at the Seger Omaha concert? Kathy and I saw our first in years there. What a neat place.
I like to brag that I saw him in Dallas the only time I ever sat in Row1,Seat1,front & center. (My date was a girl from Ticketmaster.)He was as awesome then in 1987 as he was 20 years later.
I enjoyed your comments about 'rehearsals for retirement.' And so we are all now way more than 'half a century high!'

gary@ Fool on the Hill Farm