Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nothing to say?

Looks like it''s been a month since I wrote anything. And I still don't have much of anything to say.
It sure was great, the wedding, and seeing as many family members as we did.
And this branch of the family has a wedding coming up, but I am under strict instructions not to discuss it in a public manner. We are as excited as anyone; we're just not being quite as funny as Kevin.
Just to change the subject: Has anyone noticed that McDonalds is widely advertising their 32 ounce Coca-Cola (and all other soft-drinks) now for $1.00. It is splashed in neon paints across the front of McDonalds here in Lincoln. This wouldn't be such a bad deal, except that this offer replaces a long-running promotion that sold you the same drink, only 42 ounces, for 89 cents. This is a 47% increase in price.
Now, I understand prices will go up as the dollar weakens and gas/diesel prices go up, but 47%? Give me the proverbial break.
Think of how this would be applied to other situations. Motel 6 would now be Motel 8.82. ITunes downloads would be $1.46. Dollar stores could now be $1.47 stores. The $5 sandwich at Subway is now $7.35.
You know, Mickey D can do whatever they want, but what irritates me is the advertising of the fact that they seriously boosted their prices, at least on one item.
As far as I know, this advertising is limited to actual McDonalds sites. I have yet to see a television commercial or billboard.
I should consult with the family member who knows about advertising, but there has to be some assumption involved that either we don't care, or that we can't do the math to figure out what a rotten deal it actually is.
Probably both.

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Anonymous said...

Gas in 1971 was .35. Guess that to be about +1000%. What will it be in 2045? One can hardly assume that we will still be using gas in 2045.

I am about to branch into other interesting topic, like discrimucation.