Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding 8 days 4 hours 50 minutes

Okay, its 196.38 hours until the wedding starts or 11,810 minutes or 708,600 seconds...but who is counting.

The cake bill has arrived, the first in a series of payments that need to be made prior to go time. The hall and reception cost will come due on 5/14 and between those dates a series of smaller but meaningful bills.

I will advise the Bride to not worry about the weather, she can't control it and to expect that something will go wrong and she should leave that to the variety of hosts and hostesses she has in attendance.

I purchased our gift to the happy couple, thank god NFM finally had another no interest sale. A few other gifts have arrived early, although I am told that being early is traditional and is something to be admired.

The mother of the Bride has been ill, there appears to be a small strain of the flu running around. I am using disinfectant on everything in the house and I am sleeping in an isolation tent. Not sure it will help, but one can hope. I guess if it hits,I hope it comes this weekend so I can get over it prior to next week.


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