Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Day Celebration Summary

Another beautiful day has dawned and as I peer into it, through somewhat bloodshot eyes, the memory of the previous evening slowly circles into view. It was just a marvelous wedding, starting with a beautiful ceremony and finishing with a splendid party in a lovely old building surrounded by friends and family. Hugs all around.

The memory of this special day will live in the photos and videos, but more importantly it will always be in our hearts. As I mentioned at the reception, seeing your daughter married is a special time for the fob. I am not articulate enough to explain the emotions that you experience on such an occasion, nor can I express clearly enough the love that is shared at such an event. It brings a tear to my eyes even yet this morning.

So now what? After a year plus of planning the marriage is in the books. The newlyweds will be off to Hawaii tomorrow for 10 days of hard earned R&R, while we will slowly move back to work and focus on what comes next. No R&R for us. Now that we have stimulated the economy, we need to work to swing the debt load to a more positive position.

I would note that in the room last night there were only a handful of people, my Aunt and cousins, who could say they knew Pat Gallagher, our grandfather. However, there was one gentleman who was not a family member and knew both grandpa Pat and my dad Cecil. I felt that Gallagher connection throughout the wedding and it helped me feel that somewhere my parents and grandparents were smiling.

Now its on to other summer events, see you down the line. Peace out.


kevinandjoe said...
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kevinandjoe said...

When we got home last night from the wedding and reception, which was even more beautiful than Kevin said, I logged on to make a quick post, but quickly decided that Kevin deserved first shot at writing about the glorious event.
So, I'm glad I waited so Kevin could post his point of view. However, he is modest, in that his spoken words were not only heartfelt, but funny, appropriate, and clearly heartfelt.
I never got a chance to talk to the guy who knew both Cecil and Grandfather, but I found myself thinking of not just Cecil, but Evelyn. It might have started when I looked at Michelle and Sheri and thought how neat it was they looked just like the sisters they are.
It seems like a long time since Evelyn and Cecil left us, but you couldn't help but think how neat their granddaughter is. Well, actually, their grandson is pretty cool too, but that's for a different time.
But the musical gene must come from the Mullin side, I'm thinking.
And I can't close this out without mentioning how great it was to have all those members of that family. Seems like we only see them at weddings and funerals, but if that clan isn't an argument for the strength of the extended family, I don't know what is.