Saturday, May 17, 2008


Whew, it's finally here! A year in the making and the day we have been waiting for is dawning bright and beautiful. Given that we have had 5 or 6 weeks of rainy weekends, the sun was no guarantee.

I am up at 6, I have been up at 6 all week, I am not sure it is nerves, but it seems I just can't get past 6. I suspect that next Tuesday when I go back to work I will over sleep and not want to wake up.

It is so nice I sit on the deck and read the paper and reflect on what is about to occur. State track meet results,a cup of coffee and a stunning morning (did I mention it was nice out?) greeted me.

This wedding feels different than the one for Chris. I guess it is just that I am sending my only daughter off and since we go way back it will be a bit emotional. I need to try and think about what I might say this evening, just a few words from the old man and then let the kids have the stage.

Last minute preparations are underway, Sally is off to get her hair done in about 10 minutes, I need to pick up some bubbly for a quick toast after the wedding but before the reception and I need to start to make sure I have the food ready for the church.

The rehearsal was very nice and Maggie and Brian each said a few words, although Maggie was pretty emotional. It was cute when Maggie started to talk and got a little teary eyed, Brian stepped in and said, let me translate, "Welcome to the rehearsal dinner". He is such a nice guy.

Well enough, I have to start to get nervous...more in the days to come. Peace out!

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